Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Look! A heel!

So, I've further honed my skills of sock knitting and learned how to turn a heel. Wheee! :D It even worked on the very first attempt, and I could make sense of the instructions right away!


And I've found out what people mean when they complain about pooling:

I somehow like this kind of pooling better than the stripes, though, but let's see what it looks like when the sock is finished.

Sorry for the crappy shots, I couldn't do better with the lighting and my camera's flash is not any better than you'd expect from a cheap compact cam. I want to get an SLR but I don't have the money to spare, and if I had I'd get a CPU upgrade first. But you can see the sock-in-progress, so they'll have to do :)

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