Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

More WIPs... yay, startitis :)

Haven't posted here in a while - work has been crazy, but I did get some knitting time in.

#1 of a pair of fingerless mitts. The mock cable pattern does not want to be photographed, but it's there - not bad for the second thing I've ever knitted (we won't count that lump of scratchy black yarn that was supposed to become a scarf...), now is it?

I love how that yarn knit up, too, and here's some shameless advertising for Drachenwolle, the dyer I bought it from. The colorway is called "Sherwood Forest". She has lovely colors, and I like the yarn she uses as well.

The second one is still on the needles, I got a mild case of startitis and started the Milky Way Scarf (link to the designer's website, no interesting photos here yet), since my KnitPro interchangeables arrived in the mail today. Yay! I like them, they're smooth but do have enough grip so the stitches don't slide off from looking at them. I only just started the lace chart but it looks easy enough (yay, another thing ticked off the to-learn list: reading a knitting chart! :D). I just hope it will look nicer blocked :)

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

First sock DONE! W00t!

Wheee! The toe is grafted, the ends are woven in, and here you go:

I should probably rename them from Hello World socks to Hippie socks :D
I can't believe I actually managed to knit an entire sock and it's wearable and sort of fits! *does a little happy dance*

SO did the cutest thing yesterday when I was working my way toward the toe decreases: He took off his own socks, waved them in the air like pompoms, did a cheerleader dance and called "Go, socks! Give me an S! Give me an O! Give me an X!". I had to laugh so hard I almost choked.
Too bad he never does this when I have my camera charged and nearby. Otherwise, he would so be on youtube...

*wanders off to stroke her sock and start the second one*