Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Look! A heel!

So, I've further honed my skills of sock knitting and learned how to turn a heel. Wheee! :D It even worked on the very first attempt, and I could make sense of the instructions right away!


And I've found out what people mean when they complain about pooling:

I somehow like this kind of pooling better than the stripes, though, but let's see what it looks like when the sock is finished.

Sorry for the crappy shots, I couldn't do better with the lighting and my camera's flash is not any better than you'd expect from a cheap compact cam. I want to get an SLR but I don't have the money to spare, and if I had I'd get a CPU upgrade first. But you can see the sock-in-progress, so they'll have to do :)

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

More progress on the ugliest first socks in the world (probably): 

Really, they're way uglier if you look closely, but hopefully they'll be wearable or even fit. I made plenty of mistakes that I just left in, telling myself that I'm focusing on getting that thing done & producing something wearable, rather than spending ages ripping it out again and again (and picking up stitches with a somewhat splitty yarn and small needles is just annoying). However, my perfectionist self is not happy with this, not at all.

But I'm  not good with practical stuff in the first place, so I'll settle for done,  not for perfect, thank you very much. Also, I picked rainbow-colored yarn. What did I expect, a thing of beauty?

On a brighter note, I saw a friend that I hadn't met in ages today at the game, and we had lots of fun. It's nice to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. Glad we'll meet more often again, as the gaming group has been revived (wheee :D). 

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Insomnia & Noob socks, the first

So I couldn't sleep all night, was wide awake and when did the tiredness kick in? Right. During the weekly meeting at work (I work part-time besides classes to pay the bills). I barely could keep my eyes open and actually saw weird color flashes that shouldn't be there, insomnia-induced hallucinations. Wheee. I left work a hour and a half early because I was no longer able to read code, and it wasn't the code's fault. I somehow managed, through black magic or insane willpower, to get all  the tasks on  my list done though.

While I was wide awake, however, I started dabbling into the art of knitting socks. This is what resulted:

Sorry for the bad photo, I didn't have much time and now that I do the lighting is bad (and my camera sucks, it's one of these compact ones, so it doesn't have a decent flash), but you can see it's pretty colorful - the yarn is rainbow-colored, handdyed Opal. The pattern is just plain vanilla 2x2 rib for the cuff and stockinette, I'm following Silver's sock class. Let's see how this one comes along.

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Hello World!

Hi, prospective reader!

Welcome to my little hideout on this web server. Make yourself comfortable, and grab a byte, there's a whole heap of them!

I'm a computer science and math student, so obviously I'm into both. I used to be a biochem major but math with its high-level, abstract thinking suits me more. I'm also learning how to cook, and knit. The latter, because it keeps my hands busy while I'm thinking. You're going to see a bit of everything on here but I guess I'll stick to crafty stuff mostly. I would like a place to "show off" the stuff I'm making.

Right now, I'm conquering The Art Of Knitting Socks, so expect a post or two about that soon!