Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

More progress on the ugliest first socks in the world (probably): 

Really, they're way uglier if you look closely, but hopefully they'll be wearable or even fit. I made plenty of mistakes that I just left in, telling myself that I'm focusing on getting that thing done & producing something wearable, rather than spending ages ripping it out again and again (and picking up stitches with a somewhat splitty yarn and small needles is just annoying). However, my perfectionist self is not happy with this, not at all.

But I'm  not good with practical stuff in the first place, so I'll settle for done,  not for perfect, thank you very much. Also, I picked rainbow-colored yarn. What did I expect, a thing of beauty?

On a brighter note, I saw a friend that I hadn't met in ages today at the game, and we had lots of fun. It's nice to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. Glad we'll meet more often again, as the gaming group has been revived (wheee :D). 

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